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Welcome to HughesNet ® Performance Testing suite. Two different tests are provided to measure several important performance aspects of your HughesNet service. You will see them labeled as the "Web Response Test" and the "Speed Test".

After entering your SAN, you will be presented with an option to perform the test that best suits you. The data gathered will help you and HughesNet determine if there is a performance issue with your system.

Please enter your SAN or Site ID:

Your SAN/Site ID can be found at www.systemcontrolcenter.com .
For additional information, click here to access knowledge base articles.

What does it do?

The Web Response Test works with any browser. This test measures the ability of your system to display a fixed sized web page in a reasonable time.

The Speed Test measures the download and upload speeds you would experience during a web based file download. This test requires Sun Java version 1.4 or higher. Click here to see if you have the minimum version required.

Helpful Hints

To ensure that the results of this speed test are correct please close any other applications you may have running on your system.

This would include other Internet browsers as well as email programs like Outlook.

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